Careers at Groksmith

This is a place where you can make an impact, invest your talent and energy. Everything matters here!

Find your team to begin a new story in the House of Grok.

Our Values

Grōksmith is about people, team, and spirit. We believe that the key for successful development is behind a healthy balance between these 3 processes to work on.



How you grow personally and achieve your goals



How caring and respectful you are to the people you are working with



How concentrated you are on client and project




We provide premium coverage for medical, surgical, prescription drug, and dental expenses.

block-1-Free learning courses

Free learning courses

We conduct our internal university grade courses for our team members.

block-2-Friendly and inspiring work environment

Friendly and inspiring work environment

Attentiveness is one of our core values. We respect and support each other, always think positively, share our routine, interests, and crazy ideas.

block-3-Great office location

Great office location

Situated right in the heart of the city, with the balcony and backyard, convenient for various team activities such as talks, open-air workshops, parties, etc.

block-4-Gym membership | Partial coverage

Gym membership | Partial coverage

We encourage work-life balance and healthy living.

block-5-Childbirth bonuses

Childbirth bonuses

Our new family members deserve the best!

block-6-Employee referral program

Employee referral program

Recommendations are welcome! We are looking for like-minded individuals to join our big family.

block-7-Music studio

Music studio

The most lovely corner at our office where you can record music, podcasts, video blogs, etc.

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