We deliver full-cycle services from market research and business modeling to engineering, product design, and marketing. Our inspiration is to create products that truly bring value.

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Driving digital transformation through product design, software development, and product marketing.

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Venture studio

Co-founding startups by providing the initial team and strategic direction.

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 Flote Project


A personalized investor portal created specifically for real estate entrepreneurs that helps simplify capital raising, close more deals, be more organized, and optimize time while fostering happiness amongst investors.

 Ripple Project


A real-time cryptocurrency network that aids in the quick and easy wire transfer of any currency between various countries using XRP - payment settlement system and currency exchange network.



Bringing renewable energy to web3. Helios helps anyone, anytime, anywhere to profitably fight climate change, utilizing web3 tech to maximize liquidity, demolish decade-long lockup periods, and introduce real-time transparency.

 Dubai Electricity Project

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform facilitates grid operators, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) operators, and VPP participants to leverage real-time data to track and trace energy wastage.


A universal identity solution that is easy to use by tying users to unique names and transcends across all borders and institutions.

 UEFA Project


A live voting platform with high load infrastructure which is capable to receive 15K requests per second. The service was developed using Symfony framework and MongoDB - a source-available cross-platform document-oriented database program.

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