We focus on solving business challenges

We apply a human-centered approach to put together the customers' needs, technology, and business goals. Software development, like any other manufacturing process, stands on perfected craft, clear processes, and effective communication.

Our team is delighted to build custom software that allows flexibility to required changes and delivers measurable results for our clients and their customers worldwide.
 groksmith agency strategy


Product scoping

We define the technical specifications, features, and functions that characterize the product.

Time Estimation and Budgeting

We provide an actual and thought-through picture of project expenses, activities, deadlines, and timeframes for every project task.

Product Vision and Strategy

We describe the essence of the product, specific needs it is addressing, the product’s key differentiators, and minimum viable product definition. We outline how the product benefits the business, what we want to achieve, and the roadmap of getting there.

 groksmith agency design


UX Research

Here we get a clear picture of what users think and how they act. We use variety of investigative methods such as interviews, focus groups and theoretical analysis to reveal their needs and motivations.

Wireframing and Prototyping

We structure the product in terms of the element’s relationship, navigation, and hierarchy. When the wireframes are ready, an interactive model is created.

Visual design

At the final phase, we focus on creating a high fidelity visual representation of the concept that has been defined up to this point.

 groksmith agency development


Project Management

Recording the key project details, and producing the documents that are required to implement the project successfully. It helps to keep all stakeholders aligned.

Agile methodology

As passionate advocates of the Agile Manifesto, we offer an interactive approach to software development.

End-to-end software development and testing

We cover the full-scale development process from architecture to product maintenance and convert the design solutions and software requirements into an actual digital product.

 groksmith agency growth hacking

Growth hacking


We build a growth hacking strategy based on experiment-driven techniques which determine the most effective communication channels and messages.


We move forward with setting SMART marketing tactics and take steps to implement the actions outlined in the plan.

Optimization and retention

In this phase, testing, data analytics and feedback play a key role. Here we regularly improve user experience to satisfy their needs.

Our Approach

block-0-We do it well

We do it well

Uncompromising quality, Best practices.

block-1-We do it with love

We do it with love

Care, Love, Transparency.

block-2-We do it smart

We do it smart

Performance, Innovation, Effectiveness.

block-3-We do it with fun

We do it with fun

Good vibes, Friendliness, Fun.

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