A new model for building businesses.

We bring together our resources, foresight, network, and expertise to create cost-effective, and successful startups with a rapid, systematic approach to discovery, delivery, and operations.

Our team works side by side with you as a co-founder to solve real problems by matching great business ideas with experienced founders, product leaders, engineers, and marketers to execute those ideas.
 groksmith venture design

Venture design

At the initial stage, the product development team explores and defines the key points of value proposition for the new product, performs business analysis, and discovers customers’ pain points.


Idea sourcing and Value Proposition


Business modeling


Customer discovery and validation


Product development

 groksmith venture build

Venture build

We manage the development through a clearly articulated, disciplined process and focused sprints with a tailored team that matches the challenge.


Product architecture


Project management


Wireframing and design


Software engineering

 groksmith venture launch

Venture launch

We design an effective go-to-market strategy giving the product team a tactical blueprint of the market feedback to ensure they’re addressing customer needs in the most effective way.


Messaging and storytelling


Audience and buyers


Customer acquisition


Distribution channels

 groksmith venture operate

Venture operate

We setup effective business operations and build committed business team that will kick-start the business off on the right foot.


Business processes setup


Organizational and financial modeling


Team setup and management


Business operations toolset

 groksmith venture breakeven


An industry-specific full-featured vertical SAAS platform that helps C-level management to manage their businesses, and track business health at the company, client, project, and employee levels. It provides automatic reports on the company’s income, profit, expenses, and invoices and creates the base of business-wise and long-term decisions.

 groksmith venture wirestock


Wirestock helps visual content creators monetize their photos, graphics, and videos in seconds. The platform automates content tagging and gives creators one-door access to the largest content marketplaces including Shutterstock, Adobe, Pond5, Alamy, Freepik and many others․

 groksmith venture kickoff


Kickoff is a community-driven platform that allows fans around the world to connect, talk and discuss matches, and teams together. Simply create audio rooms, invite friends or other fans and hold casual conversations, debates, live podcasts, and panel discussions from your home.

How We Do

block-0-We share our network

We share our network

Sharing our experience and connections gives more value and success to our partner companies.

block-1-We trust people

We trust people

We are confident that each partnership starts with mutual vibes and love.

block-2-We take the risk

We take the risk

We entirely understand the risks from the very beginning and share them with founders.

block-3-We embrace changes

We embrace changes

By taking a proactive approach we anticipate problems and make things happen.

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